Answering your questions...

Here we will add common questions we get asked from customers, with our answers, which will hopefully help you!

Who supplies your lenses?

All our lenses are supplied by iSpyEyes.

I am under 16 can I wear your lenses?


I live in Australia/New Zealand/Canada do you send there?

Yes - see our shipping page for more!

How much are your lenses?

All our two month lenses are £19.99, our one day lenses which are only in Halloween colours are £10.99, except for any UV lenses.

Who are Optical Zone anyway?

We are a stockist of cosmetic zero powered lenses. All of our products are sold under the supervision of an eye care professional.

I want a bright colour change to my eyes whats the best colour?

Lenses can look different on everyone and sometimes it's trial and error to find the right colour for you. We always advise choosing a colour as far away from your natural colour as possible, as otherwise it may not show up.

Do I need to clean them before using them?

Yes. You need to soak your lenses in solution for 8 hours prior to first use if they are 2 month lenses, if they are one-day lenses they are ready to use straight away. We recommend buying the solution listed on our website. Your lenses will not come with solution unless your order this separately. You then need to keep them in solution in a lens case all the time. Change the solution every few days and every time you wear them.


What size are the lenses? Do you sell different sizes?

The base curve of our lenses is 8.6 and the diameter is 14.2. We offer one size only. Please get measured by an optometrist before purchasing. We disclaim any liability for the information provided on our which is provided to you on a general information basis only and not as a substitute for personalised advice from an optician.

Can I wear my lenses overnight?

No - never sleep in your lenses.

How long can I wear my lenses for?

No more than 8 hours.