Lens Applicator Kit

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Lens Applicator Kit
Lens Applicator Kit
Lens Applicator Kit
Need some help inserting your lenses? We know sometimes it can be tricky.

This kit comes with a lens case, plastic tweezers and a contact lens applicator to insert your lenses. 

Included in the kit:
  • 1 x carry case
  • 1 x plastic tweezers
  • 1 x lens case
  • 1 x lens applicator/plunger
Colours may vary from the blue kit shown.

How to use the kit:

If using two month lenses ensure they have been soaked in solution for 6 hours prior to first use (solution is available to buy separately) if using our one day lenses these are ready to use straight away. Wash your hands. Using the tweezers, pick up each lens and place in the palm of one hand, round side up. Attach the lens applicator/plunger to the lens and press down gently. This causes a slight vacuum which will allow the lens to be picked up. Holding your eyelids apart with your other hand, place the lens onto your eye, again pressing down slightly until the lens is released from the applicator/plunger. Use the same method when removing your lenses.

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